About Us

About Titan & NTN of Companies:
Titan is one of the world’s largest watch makers based out of India. Titan Watches has authorized Nepal Trade Network Pvt. Ltd. (NTN) as its authorized distributor for Distribution, E-commerce & Retail in Nepal. Titan watches are widely available across Nepal via NTN run and operated outlets.

Details about NTN :
Unit name: Nepal Trade Network Pvt. Ltd. (NTN)
Tax code:
Email: info@ntn.com.np
Hotline: +977 985 1022029

About Titan Watches:
Titan offers a diverse range of watches under various sub-brands like Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, and more. These brands cater to different demographics and market segments. Titan watches come in various designs, materials, and functionalities, catering to both formal and casual occasions.

Titan has been known for its innovation in watchmaking. They introduced several features and technologies in their watches, such as water-resistant designs, chronographs, and multi-functional dials. Titan continually strives to incorporate the latest trends and advancements in its timepieces.